Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics at

John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool


General Information

Our aerobics classes are not swimming classes! You do not need to know how to swim!

Our aerobics classes are one hour exercise classes in either the shallow or deep water.

Take the weight off your knees and hips! Use the resistance of the water and some great tunes to give your body and your heart a great workout!


$5.50 per class. Punch cards and unlimited passes are also available.

Please see a Client Service Specialist at the front desk for more information.


Shallow Water Aerobics

This class is a low impact, high intensity, fast paced workout using various equipment for muscle strengthening and toning.

Deep Water Aerobics

This class offers a non-impact workout with high intensity. Flotation devices are provided. You do not need to know how to swim.

Low Impact Aerobics (Recommended for physical therapy or arthritis)

This program is designed for people who are experiencing impaired joint motion and/or strength. The program goals are to improve or maintain joint flexibility, maintain muscle strength or reduce weakness and improve balance and coordination.


Test your dance skills in the water for a great cardio workout!


We offer volleyball in the water! This is a fun way to get in an aerobic workout in the water!